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Counting values in a field.

Question asked by WilliamBartels on Mar 3, 2011
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Counting values in a field.


I suspect the answer to my question is somewhere in the forum database, but I haven't been able to find it.  I have a single table database that includes the following columns:



Series number



The report will be run in Author, Series, Series Number, Title sequence.  The Location field is a single character fied.  I want to count how many elements I have for each location code, so that after my list of records finishes, I will have a totals page which contains the following information:


O Oversized books                                    317

M Missing books                                       182

F Books waiting to be filed                          543

B Books waiting for Bill to read                    184

D Books waiting for Diane to read                379

T Books that have been traded/donated     1253

(space)  Books on paperback shelves         8549

(Other)  Books with a bad location code            8

TOTAL TITLES IN DATABASE                      11098

This should be simple, but I can't figure it out.  Any help would be appreciated.