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Counting Visits

Question asked by gldiaz on Feb 7, 2011
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Counting Visits


May I ask for a little help on this topic.

"I have a need to indicate the (Total  number of visits  made to  customer(s)
 over a chosen period of time, which will allow me to chart or graph them out.

 Example: Customer A - was visted Between Months March - July,  Number of visits = 23
               Customer B - was visited Between Months March - July,  Number of visits=  01
        Totals  of A&B   - Between Months March - July,  = 24

*Note Months March - July are only sample months.  (I may need to get # of visits over a greater period of
                     time, (up to 12 months)You see, I have customers in (6) varied regions and I need to show what region is receiving the most  visits and which need to be visited more.  I hope to take these totals and graph or chart them out.

Any ideas on the best way to do this task?
Hope this is not too confusing.

Respectfully, Thanks in advance.