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    Counting Visits



      Counting Visits


      May I ask for a little help on this topic.

      "I have a need to indicate the (Total  number of visits  made to  customer(s)
       over a chosen period of time, which will allow me to chart or graph them out.

       Example: Customer A - was visted Between Months March - July,  Number of visits = 23
                     Customer B - was visited Between Months March - July,  Number of visits=  01
              Totals  of A&B   - Between Months March - July,  = 24

      *Note Months March - July are only sample months.  (I may need to get # of visits over a greater period of
                           time, (up to 12 months)You see, I have customers in (6) varied regions and I need to show what region is receiving the most  visits and which need to be visited more.  I hope to take these totals and graph or chart them out.

      Any ideas on the best way to do this task?
      Hope this is not too confusing.

      Respectfully, Thanks in advance.



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          Presumably, in this table, you have one record for each visit to one customer. This isn't absolutely necessary, but is the most flexible.

          You can then define summary fields in this table that use the "count of" option to count the number of records and thus the number of visits made to each customer. You can then perform finds to find records for a specific date range to get the results you want.

          In finds, manual or scripted, you can specify a date range while in find mode like this (using MMDDYYYY format):  3/1/2011...7/31/2011 to find all records dated during the months of March through July of 2011.

          In a report, you can change the layout body into a Sub Summary part "when sorted by" customer, place this summary field in this sub summary part and you'll get your sub totals for each customer, provided you sort by the same field you specified for the sub summary part. If you place this same field in a footer or grand summary part, it will display the grand total instead of the sub total.

          For charting, you can set up your chart in the layout body and specify "Use datafrom current found set", show data points for groups of records when sorted, specify the summary field for one axis and the "sorted by" field for the other in order to group the data properly for your graph.

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            Thank you!

            It makes sense.  Going to try it.