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Counting/Summarizing details from a portal

Question asked by DouglasCourter on Nov 11, 2013
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Counting/Summarizing details from a portal


     I am creating a donor database for a non-profit organization. In the picture you can see the basic structure. In my main form I have set up checkboxes (with a value of 1 if checked) and fields to count and total the donations from each year which are entered into a related portal. All the count & total fields are calculated fields. Problem 1 - Per the picture, I can't get the various count and total fields to only pick those records from the correct year from the portal. Problem 2 - I want to be able to create a report for each donor for each year, so I need to not print reports for donors who didn't give in a particular year and I only want the records from the proper year to show up in the yearly statements for donors who did give in that year. Thoughts? Suggestions?