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Counts from Great Great Grandchild Table

Question asked by obospieler on May 13, 2014
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Counts from Great Great Grandchild Table


     Hello helpful Filemaker friends!

     So I have created a layout based on my table called "EventOccurances."  

     On this layout, I have a portal to "EventOccuranceLineItems" so that I can add employees to a certain "event occurrences" (you may have guessed that a given event can have several occurrences).

     I use this portal to add employees (from the table called "Employees") to an event occurrence.  Eventually I will want to email all the attendees the details of their attendance, but I digress, we'll get to that.

     Each employee has one "Role" in our store and I assign roles via the "PositionLineItems" table as a role can have several employees.

     As I mentioned before, in the layout based on the table called "EventOccurances"  I have a portal to "EventOccuranceLineItems".  I would like to ideally like to add a second petal to the layout that dynamically lists the number of employees in each role for an even occurrence.

     Another way of saying it is that when we plan events, it is important that I balance the number of each role that attends and event occurrence.  We would like to make sure that we keep each event occurrence balanced with a mix of the different roles and also that no one manager is too highly represented at each of these event occurrences.

     Any thoughts?  It is too confusing?