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Couple Tab questions

Question asked by JimBessette on Dec 14, 2013
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Couple Tab questions


     FM13 Pro Advanced.

     Couple of things I can't seem to get hold of.  

     1. There must be a way to be able to "stay on a tab" in a layout when using the left and right arrows for "go to previous/next record".   On one of my layouts, if I choose the 2nd tab (not "main" tab) and then click the go to next record arrow, the next record shows, and it stays in that tab (the 2nd one).  On another layout, if I do a similar thing, if I'm on say tab 5 and click go to next record, I see the next record, but I'm now on the 1st ("Main") tab.  Is there a way to set that to do either behavior?

     2. Tab color in FM13 seems to be broken, or something is taking over my style/appearance.  I'm afraid it's the latter, but can't figure out what is doing it.   I create a new tab.  I click the tab and choose a color background for it.  All good.  I exit layout.  The color of the tab itself is now some other color (like grayish, as my previous tab), not green like the background color I chose.  If I click the new tab, my green color is shown, including the tab part.  Open same file in FM12 and do the same thing, and it works as it had before. 

     TIA, Jim