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    Crashed, lost changes!



      Crashed, lost changes!



      I'm am working on Filemaker 8.5 on a Mac OSX.

      This morning, my database crashed, and when I opened it, all my recent changes were lost. I had only made input changes, in Browse mode.

      Everything I'm reading says Filemaker saves automatically and nothing should be lost. 

      Has anyone encountered this? Is there any way to set up an autosave vault?

      Thanks so much!

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          Yes, filemaker does save automatically, but the crash may have damaged your file and made the recently saved data inaccessible, or if your inputs were made during the same session and hadn't yet been committed (You can set whether this happens automatically or not in layout setup...) they were lost because the crash kept them from being saved.

          You might run a recover on the file and see what is reported and whether any of your data appears after the recover. Note that best practice is to never use a recovered copy of a filemaker file. Instead, import the data into an undamaged clone of your database if at all possible.