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Crashing Filemaker any sugestions or work arounds?

Question asked by grinch on Nov 11, 2008
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Crashing Filemaker any sugestions or work arounds?


My solution has a text field that containes xml data.  I would like to get xml data into a database.  My original idea was to use the script step of "export field contents".  I name the exported field data export.xml.  Then I import the file using import records from a xml data source.   The result is Filemaker crashes.


I can't figure out what is wrong.  If I take the field data and copy and paste it into a plain text editor (coda) and save the file as export.xml I can use FileMaker's import records from xml file to import it fine.  If I look at the file that is created by the export field contents in my text editor it appears as a well formated xml file.  It will even validate.  The only thing that sets the file appart from any other xml file is that Finder thinks it was created by Final Cut Pro.


Any Idea what is going on, or dose anybody have an alternet meathod to get properly formated xml data from a field into the appropriate fields in a new record.