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    crashing upon launch



      crashing upon launch


      I am using FIlemaker 11. When I attempt to launch the application, it will almost always hang. I get the Filemaker menu but not the window to choose a file. It hangs and when I go to force quit the listing says "not responding." I will then select force quit.  If I then go to a filemaker database and open that directly from the finder, the application will open normally.


      I have fixed permissions, gotten rid of the preferences file, reinstalled the application. None of these steps solves the problem. Does anyone have an idea?

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          Phil Lanzisera:


          Thanks for your post.


          First question I have is which version of the operating system are you using? Also, are you opening from a shortcut/alias or the program executable itself in your Applications folder?


          Please keep me updated so I can folow up with you on this.



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            I had the same kind of problem with Filemaker crashing all the time.


            I found that another application I loaded installed Quicktime on the PC. After I uninstalled Quicktime, Filemaker stopped crashing.


            Don't know if you have the same problem, but may be worth looking at, you can always re-install Quicktime if this is not the answer.