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    Crazy IT instrucitons



      Crazy IT instrucitons


           What are the simple step by step instructions to set up my Mac FileMaker 12 Advanced "Open Remote" to access .fmp12 files on a FileMaker 12 Server which is on a Windows server?  Host IT guy is sending crazy instructions that don't work.

           Thank You!!

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               And what are those "crazy instructions"?

               If the server is on the same network as your computer that has FileMaker Advanced or Filemaker Pro, you need only select Open Remote or  click the "remote" button that appears in the open file dialog to find and open the hosted file. Sometimes, you may be on a different "subnet" and have to specify an IP address or DSN to find and open the hosted file.

               The file itself, however, must be configured for sharing before uploading it to Server in the first place.

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                 Hey Phill,

                 It not on same network as my computer - different office.  Last time I did this I had two IP address - one for the server machine and one for FM server - very simple and sweet.

                 This time I have all kinds of confusing stuff. Domain, username, password, RDP server IP address, VPN connect, server address, account name, LDAP

                 Any help?

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                   RDP is not what you want to use if this is hosted from FileMaker Server. RDP (Remote Desktop) would require that you open and launch FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Advanced on the server computer in order to connect to your hosted database file--not a good idea. But RDP can be a very good way to open the Admin console for FileMaker Server in order to administer it. I do that every morning to check on my servers before I leave home.

                   Has your IT guy explained WHY he sent you those instructions? It sounds like he has made zero effort to learn anything about how FileMaker Server is intended to work and just shotgunned info for how you would access a shared file on the server--which is not what you are trying to do here.

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                     Don't forget to port forward FMP's port 5003 to get from Internet to Intranet.

                     The task is to get to your Intranet where the Server is located.  Port forwarding will require the Servers Intranet IP.

                     The rests sounds like the IT telling you how to get from Internet to Server Intranet,


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                       It took a month to get this IT guys first response.

                       Trying to avoid further contact and just figure it out.  I have one IP address he says: "you will RDP to the server at (xx.x.x.xx) or to whatever other machine hosts the FileMaker server.

                       I have:

                       VPN destination mail.xxx.org

                       domain: xxxx

                       user name and password

                       attached is Mac Network config.