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Crazy with portals

Question asked by MaiteChico on Nov 7, 2014
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Crazy with portals



First of all, let me inform you I'm NEW to Filemaker and everything I've learned so far has bee reading manuals here and there, so I'm lost in quite a few things.


I'm trying to make a sumup field based on the registry of a portal. I'll explain:


I have two tables: invoices1 and invoices_details2, and in this last one mentioned I have a field based on a drop-down that includes the name of a company . Example


invoices_details2 table:




Well the thing is that in the table invoices1 I have a field for the subtotal of each company, that is subtotal_1 and subtotal_2

I want to sum up the total belongign to each company that appears in the portal, but it doesnt seem to work.

I wrote down this on the calculated field of, for example the company 1  :

If (invoices_details2::Company="1" ; Sum ( invoices_details2::subtotal );0)


but it sums ups everything!,  The total it gives me is 165€ and it should be 150€


What am I missing?


Thanks in advance