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Create 6 Line-Items at once

Question asked by wheymans on Aug 15, 2014
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Create 6 Line-Items at once


     I have a table with PERSONS that is connected with a table FINANCES.

     On a PERSONS-layout i have a portal through which i can create FINANCE-records.

     Tables are connected through a PersonID-field.

     Every month there are like 100 people who start. Two months after someone starts we get some money from the government, let's say: 60 euro's. When i point the 60 euro's to someone it should be divided into 6 FINANCE-records.

     - record 1: month of start: 10 euro

     - record 2: month of start + 1: 10 euro

     - ...

     - record 6: month of start + 5: 10 euro

     Is it possible to create a script that automatically creates 6 FINANCE-records (portal-records on the PERSONS-layout) for all the people that start in certain month. This would save me a lot of time.

     Can somebody help me please?