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    Create a button for a calculation



      Create a button for a calculation



           I wanted to make a button for a calculation field. I don't want the field to auto display the results. I want it to be manual if i find a student name from the list. The problem with the one i made is it display a calculation of all students if its shows all records. I am very poor with scripts. Thanks again in advance. 


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               I'm a little confused. It seems that the list of records are from the same student.  Are you saying you want the Payment Report layout to not calculate the remaining balance, or are you saying that on this layout you could have more then one student and don't want to calculate the balance until you select only one student?

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                 Ok! I uploaded another screenshot and from this point of view you can see all the students if i were to select show all. At the bottom were it shows Remaining Balance it also calculates based on all the students Total Summary which is not supposed to be. So if i were to find a specific student, I want to have a button placed besides the Remaining Balance field to calculate it manually. Hope this is clear. Thanks for the reply!

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                   I'm guessing this is a report layout and your calculations are in the footer?.  I don't think its possible the way you have it set up.  You could either put the calculation in the line where the persons name appears, or you could make a smaller pop up window that opens up a summary of that customers remaining balance, or you could make it a tooltip with a calculation, so when you hover over it the balance for that customer is displayed.

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                     A summary report could be used to show a balance for each individual student in your found set--whether that be one student or many students. See this tutorial on the topic: Creating Filemaker Pro summary reports--Tutorial