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    Create a custom template



      Create a custom template


      Dear FileMaker Support,


      I was hoping to take an existing, custom-designed database and create a template version of it, so I can repopulate it with new data.  {we're trying to re-organize our databases by fiscal year}  We use FMP5 at work.   Is there a simple drop-down menu command (and if not, a script) I could apply to make this happen? I know that it's possible---a predecessor has managed to do it---but I don't know how.


      many kind thanks,


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          Under the FILE menu there is a Save a Copy as...

          Choices are 1] copy of current file 2] compacted copy (smaller) 3] clone (no records)

          You SHOULD have a current backup copy or clone of your database already.

          THIS IS very important, save a copy or clone after any modifications, keep in a safe place.

          SEE http://www.filemaker.com/help/html/fmp_basics.3.34.html


          Be sure to copy and/or clone regularly.



          (In OSX you can change a file to stationary in the Get Info window, unsure if Filemaker respects that system setting.)

          OR put the clone in  HD> Applications> Filemaker Pro folder> English Extras> Templates (folder) 

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            you can also put you newly generated blank copy of your file here


            C:\Program Files\FileMaker\FileMaker Pro 9 Advanced\English Extras\Templates


            each time you create a new file you will have the oppertunity to chose this file as a template.:smileyhappy: