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    create a customer service form



      create a customer service form


      I need to create a web form that users will complete via Instant Web Publishing. All is going well except that I don't want users to see the records that other users have created, and I can't seem to figure out how to set this using privileges.

      On the Filemaker Pro 11 website it says that you can "Securely publish your databases to the web in a couple of clicks. Create registration sites, customer feedback forms, service requests, surveys and more."...therefore I am hoping this is a fairly straightforward thing to do. Any help appreciated!

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          Here's one way:

          Define a table with 1 or even zero records but with global fields for each field of your form. When users click a "submit" button that you add to the layout, a script like the following can create a new record in your feed back table and move the data from the global fields into this new record. Since this data is in a different table, users will not have any access to any records save their own data entry.

          Go To Layout [Feedback]
          New Record/Request
          Set Field [Feedback::Field1 ; GlobalsTable::Field1]
          Set Field [Feedback::Field2 ; GlobalsTable::Field2]
          // and so on for each field
          Go To Layout [Original Layout]

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                 You have helped me so often in other areas, so I could use some help here. I have set up the table with the Global fields and created the script above, but when I hit the submit button I get an error saying that the target is not a part of a related table. I know how to relate tables, but what field do I use to relate them? I have duplicate fields in each table except for the ID field which I didn't put in the global table because the ID field in the non-global table needs a particular format, which I was going to modify in the non-global record after it was created. Thoughts?

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                   I figured it out.