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    Create a data table



      Create a data table




      How is it possible to create a table within the filemaker table?  (i.e. a table similar to that below within the layout that would appear for each record). I would the information to be displayed in a horizontal fashion so that each horizontal line of data is a part of the category above. 


      Student                   Course                     Professor

      Sally                       CWRIT 3333.01         Jane Doe

      Ben                        CMATH 2421.02         Matthew Robinson


      Thanks in advance!


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          all you need is to create a new layout with the fields you need to display, name it something like "Table View" and set the view of that format to ONLY table view from menu Layouts >> Layout Setup... >> Views.

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               Thanks for your suggestion.  The table is apart of each individual record along with other data fields.  How can I make the table appear as a table for each record along with the information from the other fields that are not in the table?
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              A table view can have an header part and a footer part where you can put other fields.


              Another way to view records is the List View.


              Last, but not least, you can put a portal into the body of a layout and see the related record ( even auto-related ) in Form View.