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Create a field that lists only items related to another field

Question asked by MeganNeureuter on Sep 24, 2012
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Create a field that lists only items related to another field


I am new to filemaker - I am trying to build a database of courses and faculty. I have a Faculty table and a Courses table. I would like to create a field on the faculty records that lists any courses the faculty is said to be teaching that is assigned on the Courses table. The field does not need to be editable.

For example, I have Course records that have the title of a course, the faculty who teaches it and the description of the course, lets say Art 101, Art 102, and Art 103 are all taught by Prof. Jane Doe

I then have Prof. Jane Doe's Faculty record that has her bio, her picture and the courses she teaches - I would like this last field to auto-populate the courses designated as hers from the Course table - it would list Art 101, Art 102 and Art 103.

Any assistance on how to do this is greatly appreciated.

One item to note: in the Course table I already have the faculty related to a location, so if a faculty teaches courses in Paris, when creating a Course record and I choose Paris from my Location value list/drop down menu only faculty from Paris show up in the Faculty value list/drop down list.