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Create a FileMaker Pro survey

Question asked by AbdoulBaldé on Apr 29, 2014
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Create a FileMaker Pro survey



     I am creating a FileMaker Pro solution which will serve as a simple 10 questions survey. Before going up and starting to build the solution I am wondering which approach to take since I would like the survey to generate a custom report upon completion. (I will create the Layout for the report).


     Could you please advice on a few tips, tools to use? I have only started exploring this option.  Thanks. 

     My Tables: 

Surveys [SurveyID; SurveyName]

Questions [SurveyID; Question ID; QuestionType ; QuestionGroup ; Question]

Users [UserID ; UserName] 

Answers(the ones from which to choose from) [AnswerID ; QuestionID ; Answer]

UserAnswers [UserID ; Response ; AnswerID]