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Create a layout with more than one report or table on it?

Question asked by glaze on Feb 23, 2010
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Create a layout with more than one report or table on it?


I am creating a database of rooms for a building. Each room has Architectural items, Fixtures & Fittings, and Services so each of these things has there own table which is related to the Room table by Room Number.I add to these through a portal on the Room records.


I want to be able to print out a page which contains the fields specific to each room, but also includes a table or report for the architectural items, fixtures and fittings and services, that are in that room. Essentially three separate reports on the same page when it prints. 


The three tables all have quite different fields, other than room number. 


Is there any way to to this? At the moment I have a separate report for each of the three tables so I need to print at least three pages per room, when I want all the information on one page. 


This is the first database I have made with more than one table. Am using FMP 10 on a mac.