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    Create a link in our FM Pro database to folder on our server



      Create a link in our FM Pro database to folder on our server


      Hi!  I am a new user of FM Pro and not a programmer.

      I would really apprecaite some help in creating a link in our FM Pro database to a folder on our server.

      Each record in the db has a unique Project Name, Project Number and Date (yymmdd).  I am hoping that using the above information from each record in the DB that some kind of a script (possibly a URL will work) thus allowing the user to click a button in that record which in turn will open a window showing the folder (containing files that relate to this record).  FYI this folder is all ready created and named yymmdd on our server.

      A typical file ext is  P:/PROJECTS/Te0191_Cummins/Output/101206

      (P:/PROJECTS/Project Number_Project Name/yymmdd)

      Any help apprciated and please understand I am a total novice!  Thank you



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          It may be possible to do this with a Shared Directory (each workstation must be able to directly access this folder and each must map to the folder with identical file paths and a web viewer, but if you are using Windows Xp, the results can be buggy.

          There are plug ins that enable fileMaker to better interact with files and folders, so you may want to investigate. One that's windows only, MooPlug, is free.

          For More Information see:    Limited Local File Access Through Web Viewer in Windows XP

          This is one of many acknowledged bugs that can be found in the Known Bug List here in the Report an Issue section of the forum.

          It can also be downloaded as a database file from:   http://www.4shared.com/file/8orL8apk/FMP_Bugs.html

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            Thanks for posting!

            The reply from PhilModJunk is correct (thank you!) but I'd like to expand on this a little more.

            You can accomplish this by creating a button that calls a script with  the Open URL script step or, alternatively, a button that just calls the  Open URL script step directly.

            If you'd prefer to create a script for this action, go to Scripts ->  Manage Scripts and create a new script. Then insert the Open URL script  step and click the Specify button. This will bring up a prompt where you  can insert a calculation that results in the appropriate path. In your  case, you'll probably want something that looks similar to this:

            "file:P:/PROJECTS/" & <Field that stores the project name> & "_" &  <Field that stores the project number> & "/" & <Field that stores the date>

            So, we're essentially putting the static parts of the path in quotations  and pulling the dynamic parts from the appropriate fields and then  joining them together with the & symbol to create a full path that can  be opened using this Open URL script step. 

            Once you have your calculation setup, you'll see an option to "Perform  without dialog". This option, when enabled, will suppress the dialog box  that prompts the user before it opens the URL. You may want to enable  this if you don't want the user to be shown that dialog each time. 

            From there, create a new button on the layout, select Perform Script  under the button setup and point it to your new script. If you'd prefer  just to call the Open URL script step directly, just choose  Open URL instead of Perform Script in this dialog and skip the part in  the instructions where you create a new script. 

            Please let me know if you'd like any clarification on the above.


            FileMaker, Inc.

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              thanks that a million that solution worked a treat!