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Create a new location for Artwork

Question asked by artworking on Jan 28, 2015
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Create a new location for Artwork


Good afternoon,

I have a piece of artwork that I sold. I created an invoice which has the client and the address. Now he has moved the work to a new house/ address. How could I update it without changing the invoice?

The tables I have currently are clients -- invoice-- lineitems--artwork relationships in place with as well as an address table. How could I update the address location if the client has 3/4 to choose from. Would it be possible to see the clients who bot the piece and then aadd a new location?  Would I create a portal? 

Furthermore, the work will then be loaned to a museum. What is the best way to document that? and keep track of the transit and location of the work for certain dates. 

Thank you.