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Create a new portal row at the top of the portal list

Question asked by leedsman on Feb 27, 2010
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Create a new portal row at the top of the portal list


This is my first posting to the forum, so please forgive any silly mistakes!


I am using Filemaker Pro V10 and am developing a database for a charity. We are using Instant Web Publishing so that a number of staff can access the database over the Web. The database is very simple consisting of Customers who make Enquiries. The Enquiries are displayed on the Customer Screen in a portal. It is set up to allow creation of new enquiries via the relationship.


My question is - when adding a new Enquiry, is it possible to create the new empty Enquiry record at the top of the list of Enquiries, rather than having to scroll right down to the bottom?? There are obviously some limitations with what can be achieved when accessing the database via the Web, but any advice would be much appreciated.


Thanks, Stephen Clough