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    Create a new table from a 'Find'



      Create a new table from a 'Find'


           I would like to create a new table from the results of a 'Find' 

           I'm new to Filemaker Pro and would appreciate any help.  


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               There is not a script step to create a new table.  Usually there is no reason to create a table by script, could you explain in more detail what you are trying to do, maybe there is another method to do what you want.

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                 If by "table" you mean you want to create another table like those you would create manually at Manage | Database | Tables, this is not a good idea. While it is possible to create a new table, you will be unable to also create a new layout for that table nor link it to existing tables in relaitonships via a script. Such steps have to be done manually.

                 But as a one time way to produce a new table, you can use Import Records with the "new table" option as the target table to create the table.

                 But perhaps you just need to use a find to pull up a found set of records. That can be done without problems in a FileMaker database.