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Create a Record from on File into Another File

Question asked by KAmsinger on Feb 1, 2011
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Create a Record from on File into Another File


I am currently working FMP 10 Adv and have my database files setup on FMP Server 10 Adv which is on a server/network. 

What we are waiting is through instant web publishing have a person go online and access our FMP file called Questionnaire. In the Questionnaire file they will only see 1 new record ready for them to fill out, they will Fill in the information on the Questionnaire and hit submit. When they hit submit the information they have entered into the fields will be synced up with our internal FMP file which is on the server called Database. And all the information they entered in will go into a new record with all their info in the correct fields. 

I was wondering if anyone can explain to me how to set the two files up so:

1.) the questionnaire file they are only allowed to see 1 new blank record to be filled in.

2.) setup the scripting for the submit button to then transfer the information they have entered in to the 2nd FMP file called Database.

3.) Then take all the information from all the fields in the Questionnaire File and have it show all the info in 1 field on the Database file called Registration form Field.