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    Create a report



      Create a report


      I need to create a file to calculate the gas usage for car.


      here is the table I create









      here is my question:

      when I switch to  table view,  it will showing first record,,rest of is disappear, and how do i find out those data, I want to create a other table which can show  all data... and how...???  thanks




      example I want



      Date               Gas Station           CarID                 (L)

      08/29/2011         ESSO                 001                   20

      08/29/2011         ESSO                 006                   30

      08/29/2011         SHELL                007                   20

      08/29/2011         SHELL                005                   40

      08/30/2011         ESSO                 004                   20


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          You should not need to create any new tables or files. You will need a new and different layout, from what I can deduce from your original post and screen shot shown here.

          In your form view screenshot, you have a portal that shows the information you want. You cannot show a portal in table view and it will disappear when you switch this layout to table view as you have discovered. To get a table view of the same data as shown in the portal, use a layout based on the portal's table and specifiy table view for that layout.

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            I try to create a new layout , with table view.  but new layout only showing first row of the portal, can you give me more information about "use a layout based on the portal's table and specifiy table view for that layout" thank you

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              Your portal refers to a "box" in Manage | Database | Relationships. This "box" is called a table occurrence. It is listed in Show Records From in Portal setup...

              Create a new layout and select the same table occurrence in Show Records From for the layout.

              Specify table view and select the fields you want to see on this "view" of your data.

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                thank you, I got it  now, how can recall THOSE data later, where is it sotre, beacause I may need those data to create other report.

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                  It is stored in the table you defined in the database for that purpose.

                  To pull up records from this table for a report, you can perform a find to pull those records up into a found set that is then used in your report. Since you have a relationship defined for a portal here, it may also be possible to use that relationship to control what records from this table are listed in your report.

                  Since I don't know what identifies "those" records nor what kind of report you need, I can't go into more detail on how to do that.

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                    now, i need to create a report for the gas station, it will show all date , cars, liter


                    for example


                    Gas Station: ESSO

                    Date                   CarID                 (L)

                    08/29/2011          001                   20

                    08/29/2011          006                   30

                    08/30/2011          004                   20


                                               3 Cars             70(L)



                    so, how to pull the data from it , because the data I type in portal, I don't know where is local,  and this portal is create by 2 tables, FillGas and FillGasLine, so the portal is belong to FillGas, FillGasLine or relationship between this 2 files.....   thank you





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                      Tables and files are two different things. Relationships are defined to link tables, not files. I will assume that you have all of these tables as part of one file.

                      I do not have anyway to tell if your portal is based on the FillGas or the FullGasLIne as there is nothing shown in your previous posts to confirm which is the case. If you go to layout mode on your original layout, the bottom row of the portal will list one of these two names. I will assume that it is based on "FillGas" and that the layout shown in your first post is based on GasStation.

                      You should then have this relationship in Manage | Database | Relationships:

                      GasStation::StationID = FillGas::StationID

                      In Manage | Database | Fields

                      Select hth FillGas table and add these two new fields:

                      sCarCount, sTotalLitres

                      Make sCarCount a field of type summary and specify that it be the "Count of" your CarID field. Make sTotalLitres a field of type summary and specify that it be a "total of" your Litres field.

                      Create a new layout and slect FillGas in Show Records from. Make this a list type layout and select the fields that make up one row of your report.

                      Add the sCarCount and sTotalLitres fields to either a footer or Trailing Grand Summary layout part for this layout.

                      If you then perform a find for all records for with a specified StationID value, you'll get all FillGas records for that station showing on your layout and this will then make the report you've requested. You can script this find to take place automatically when you click a button on the layout shown in your first post.

                      Go To Related Record [Show only related records; From table: FillGas; Using layout: "YourLayoutNameHere" (FillGas)]

                      Will bring up all the FillGas records for the current station in one step.