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Create a report template with per day/per unit results

Question asked by OguiiFoguii on Apr 16, 2013
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Create a report template with per day/per unit results


Dear all,

     I am designing a database for harvest records. I have used simple statistics to get totals at the bottom of my data. Easy.

     I am now creating two templates for a report per block and another report per day. The report per block contains the same simple statistic (totals), just in a print-friendly format.

     Now, it is likely that several blocks get picked on a given day and processed together. Therefore, I need to create a report per day that will group all the results from several fields in a single line.

     It would show something like:

     Field day > narrows down the result to 1 day per entry

     Field quantity > calculates total quantity from all the blocks picked on that day

     Field block > shows ""Block A & + & Block C & ..." that were picked on that day

     Field traceability > narrows down to a traceability number that is unique for each day (but common to many blocks in my other templates)

Not sure of the calculation for this... I've dug through help and manuals but could not quite figure out the way out of this. The image attached shows the report per block.

Your help is much appreciated,