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    Create a report that shows record last date



      Create a report that shows record last date


      Hi hope someone can help.

      I have created an instrument calibration data base.

      I have an instrument entry layout that stores all details of the instrument - this is linked to a result entry layout where the instrument details show and the results of each calibration are entered,along with the calibration date and next calibration date.

      I am now trying to create a simple report that will provide a list of the instruments with the next calibration date, this works fine until the instruments are calibrated for a second time and then the report continues to show the old calibration due date.

       This is my first database so I may be missing something very obvious but it is driving me mad - please help!


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          If you have your report and tables defined like I think you do, you need to perform a find to exclude the older records from your report. This may be as simple as performing a find to only find records with a calibration date greater than today's date.

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            Thanks Phil - the problem i have is that the instruments are all calibrated on different days and the report I need for my customer is one that shows all instruments and there next calibration due date - so this date may not necessarily be greater than todays date.

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              Several options come to mind.

              1) You can create a script that sorts your records by instrument and then steps through the found set using Omit record to drop out the older non-applicable records.

              2) Define an instruments table where you have one record for each instrument that needs to be calibrated. Define a relationship that links the instruments table to your calibration table (the table you already have). Specify that this relationship be sorted in Descending order by calibration date. Create a list view or table view layout based on this table and add the related fields as needed from the calibration table. The sort option on the relationship will insure that the most recently dated calibration record will provide the data you see on this layout.

              3) If the date is the only differing field from one calibration record to another for the same instrument, you can add a sub summary part (when sorted by InstrumentID) in place of the body part and include a descending sort by calibration date in your sort order.