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Create Active Hyperlink in Record

Question asked by DavidCayce on Mar 28, 2011
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Create Active Hyperlink in Record


Hello, Forum;

I need a quick solution to a problem and don't have a lot of time to climb onto the learning curve. I work with a publishing house and we use FMP (9.0) to manage our 2000+ titles. A title/author search yields a page showing the usual information: Title, Author, Description, ISBN#, Price, etc. We have a new book that has a companion web page of downloadable exercise PDFs and I need to have the link to that exercise page show up on the search results page for that book. I originally tried to embed the link at the bottom of the description paragraph, but apparently the datatype of that field won't allow it. Is there a way of tagging a hyperlink so that I can place it there and have it be active (see attached image)?

Or is there a better, easy approach?