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Create active list of links to other records

Question asked by CharlieColes on Nov 4, 2013
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Create active list of links to other records


     I have a database of political groups. Although I have a number of tables and layouts in the database, the vast majority of interaction by users will be done using the 'Groups' layout. This uses a tab control and works like a 'home page' for that group, displaying all relevant information about that particular group and including a number of portals linking data from other tables (e.g. logos, members, publicity releases, etc).

     There is one thing I just cannot get right, despite trying for several hours a day over the past few weeks and reading every bit of advice I can on forums and the FM Missing Manual. It's crazy, because it seems like it should be a really simple thing. I really hope somebody can help - it will need to be in plain English, and preferably a step-by-step guide!

     All I want to do for each group is to show which other groups in the file it is linked with. This should be mutually reflected, so once a link between GroupA and GroupB is entered on GroupA's record, that link will show up automatically on Group B's record. There isn't going to be any substantive information for this link - the link itself is enough. I then want to put a button in each portal row which will take the user straight to the 'home page' of that linked group.

     I had been trying to achieve this using portals, self-join relationships, 'match' join tables, and other tables, including creating several TOs on the relationships graph. I guess I just keep getting the relationships wrong.

     All help and advice very gratefully received.