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Create an internal system and a website (e-business)

Question asked by KillianAudic on Feb 25, 2009
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Create an internal system and a website (e-business)


Hello everyone


I have bought File Maker Pro not long ago and i have been through the tutorial to start with. I don't know much about databases to be honest.


There are 2 things i would like to ask:


1) I want to get a proper training on file maker. i have got an internal software to build. I would like to open an e-business and i wish i could build the database to help me manage the products, orders, customers etc... Do you know where i could be trained? I am French but i live in London. Ideally i would like to bring with me a detailed doc with all the specifications and i go slowly with someone to create the system. How much would i be charged for?


2) Again as i need to create this e-business, the question is can you use file maker pro as a website as well? I saw that only 5 persons only can be on the website, this could be problem...


If ever someone can provide answers to my questions, that would be really great...


Many thanks,