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create calculations automatically

Question asked by JosephB on Jan 5, 2011
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create calculations automatically


Hi all

My guess is there is some efficient way to do what I am doing by keystroke now.  It's not so bad, but I am betting there is some much faster way, and I wonder what it is.

Currently I am building a survey solution.  Each survey copy is a record.  The survey requires 50 calc fields that follow this pattern 

calc1 = answer1a - answer1b,    calc2 = answer2a - answer2b,   ... calc50 = answer50a - answer50b

Right now I am just creating each calc field, then typing in the calcs one by one.  Is there a way to get filemaker to "see the pattern" and go ahead and create a bunch of sets of fields like this? 

Thanks in advance.  -Joe