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Create chart based on two sorts

Question asked by tomo17 on Jun 9, 2013
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Create chart based on two sorts


     I am trying to create a chart in FM12 to display some information but it has got me stumped.  I am unsure whether i have not put it in the right layout or if i need to put it in a specific layout part.  The database is a sports statistics one.  

     I have two tables that i am trying to create the chart from.  Table 1 is match information/fixtures ie date, home team, away team, location.  Table 2 is one that is used to record stats relevant to each game.  These two tables are linked by a match Id field ie MatchFixture::MatchID=MatchScoring::MAtchID.

     In the match scoring table i have three fields that i am trying to create the chart from: MatchScoring::Club (option of two clubs - home/away), MatchScoring::ScoreOrigin (three options ie free kick, general play, stoppage), MatchScoring::sScore Origin (summary field, running with restart, sorted by ScoreOrigin)

     What i would like to be able to do is choose a match and from a MatchFixture layout see a column chart that has comparison information for each of the clubs in each of the score origins.

     ie Stoppages - Team A=3, Team B = 1

         Free Kick - Team A=1, Team B =2

        General Play - Team A=4, Team B =3


     Whilst the list may be long and varied - what am I missing??