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Create Custom Dialog If Two Conditions Are Met

Question asked by JoanneVermulm on Mar 27, 2012
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Create Custom Dialog If Two Conditions Are Met


I am developing a check in/check out system for laptops.

A record is created each time an item is checked out (in Table AssetStatus). However, if that particular item is already checked out and the barcode number is entered into the AssetBarcode# field, I would like a custom dialog to popup to indicate that item is already checked out.

I am determining the status of the laptop based on whether that barcode number is found in any previous records in that table and if the CheckIn Date is blank (indicating it is still "out").

I would like the barcode field to assess the barcode number once the field is exited.

I currently have a Table called AssetStatus to a duplicate table of AssetStatus (called AssetStatusCheckBarcode) linked by an equal relationship of AssetBarcode#.

Any help would be greaty appreciated.