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    Create Document Database



      Create Document Database


      I'm a new user to filemaker pro, and i would like to create a database for the project I'm working on..

      Can you please help me how would i create and manage this database + each project has multiple pdf documents I want to attach..


      Many thanks :)

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          Do you know how to create related tables, container fields and portals? These are things you can look up in FileMaker help or any training materials you might have as you will need all three.

          In your current table, add a serial number field if you have not already done so. You can use Replace Field Contents with the serial number option to update any existing fields with serial numbers.

          Now define a separate table with at least two fields, a container field into which you will insert either copies of your documents or references to them. and an ID field to link to the serial number field in your original table.

          Now you can link your two tables in a relationship and use a portal to display the records from this new table on a layout based on your original table. You can create as many records in this portal as you need in order to attach as many documents to the current record as you need.

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            Thank you for replying :)

            I did not get what you mean by the serial number, how would I add it? 

            I am working on document library template, but did not know how to attach the pdf files in each container.


            Thanks again..

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              If you want to be able to attach multiple files to each project record you should have a separate table for documents containing at least a serial number and a container as Phil suggested.  The serial number is a number field set to autoenter a serial number so that each record in the table has

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                Now that I know that you are using the starter solution. I opened a copy and took a look at it. The serial number field has already been created in this file. It's the Document ID field.

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                  I stand corrected Embarassed.  There is the Document ID field there already, missed that on my first look. 

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                    Since they didn't use a naming convention such as __pk_DocumentID so it sorts by name to the top of the list, it's easy to miss. Wink

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                      Think the forum is being a little weird today.  My earlier post got cut short, then when I went to edit to fix it, it shortened even more.

                      I also noticed that there is an insert file button on the layout, that just does an insert/file script that targets the container field.  That should allow you to add the file to the container.

                      If you do need more than one file per project, I do recommend creating another table for the Files. with a FileID serial number, the container and a number field called fk_documentID.  Then using a portal to allow adding the multiple files.

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                        Mark, what browser App are you using? (the "textarea" box used here is really buggy and its behovior seems to change without warning.)

                        I'm using FireFox from a Windows box without, (knock on wood) any new issues so far.

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                          Im using Firefox on a Mac.  usually with no problems, but occasionally will get a server not responding error when posting, then part of the post shows up.

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                            Hmm, there's a known issue where the forum mysteriously logs you out of the forum and you then have to log back in unless you've set your browser to store the password so that it logs you back in automatically. In those cases where you are composing text to post to the forum when you are logged out, you lose the entire message (that's been my experience on windows systems, anyway). I can avoid the issue if I log out and back in every morning when I first access the forum.

                            Don't know if this is the issue you are seeing here with part of the text being lost or not...

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                              It has only happened 3-4 times ever, so I am not that put out by it.  Just need to remember to copy and long posts to the clipboard before I hit the "post answer" button.  Smile

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                                Ironically, just got a "comment could not be posted" replying to you and lost the whole message. Yell

                                I was trying to say that I no longer needed to do that since I started logging in and out each morning.... Scratch that comment!

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                                  It can be aggravating.

                                  Mind if I ask you something in your inbox?

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                                    That's what it's there for. Wink

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