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    create fields using a script



      create fields using a script


      Is there any way to create a scipt for the user to add new fields to the layout?

      I'm creating a contact database and would like to allow the user to add new contact fields for phone numbers, address, email.. etc. with just the press of a button...

      the only way that I could figure out how to do this was by creating duplicate layouts for the extra fields but this seems a bit cluttered and also it only allows for as many extra fields as the number of duplicate layouts..

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          Instead of trying to add fields or layouts, add more records displayed in a portal. Set up a relationship like this:

          Contacts::ContactID = PhoneList::ContactID

          Enable "Allow creation of records via this relationship" for PhoneList (double click the line between the two table occurrence boxes.)

          Define fields as need in PhoneList such as a Type (for cell, home, fax, office, email...) and Number (for the phone number or email address).

          Now place a portal to PhoneList on your Contacts layout and your user can add as many contact entries as they need by entering data in the bottom blank row of this portal.

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            Thanks this is great!