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Create file and save it on a pwd protected network

Question asked by blaze125 on Nov 4, 2008
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Create file and save it on a pwd protected network


Hi guys.  To start off, I do not work with FileMaker.  I am developing an application and my co-worker and creating one that will interact with mine.  What I'm about to ask may seem very noobish, but I do not know the answer since I have never worked with FileMaker.  I'll be asking the question because my co-worker says it can't be done, or he doesn't know how to do it.


I need him to create a text file and save it in a network path using a specified username and password.

He can not code it so it uses the Windows login info because the FileMaker app may run on multiple computers and all those computer owners must not have any rights to the folder where we need to save the file.


In I can code my application so it impersonates a user.  That's what I'd like him to do with his FileMaker application.


How do we achieve this?