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Create Grand Total Field which Adds up Multiple Summary Fields

Question asked by AlishaDenicola on May 26, 2014
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Create Grand Total Field which Adds up Multiple Summary Fields


     Hello all, this is for a personnel database I'm building for my employer. In the database are 48 employees whose details include portals for time off, training, performance reviews, and salaries. Each portal is displayed on a tab in the "details" layout. 

     What I need to do now is build a total report that shows the time off for all the employees. I need to be able to filter all 48 time off records by type or date, and I also need to display a summary of that filtered data. 

     Currently the time off portals are linked to summary fields that show how many time off occurrences each employee has and how many days they've taken off. My problem is that I need to summarize these summaries. 

     My totals report shows each employee in list view, and shows their time off portal. I need to take the total of each employee: Joe 22 days off, Bob 10 days off, Sue 12 days off, and add those summary fields up to create a company-wide time off: Company 44 days off. 

     How can I do that? I've tried GetSummary, and it doesn't seem to add more than one employee's records. I can't create a summary of a summary, so I'm a bit stuck.