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    Create Invoice in External File from Customer Account



      Create Invoice in External File from Customer Account




      I am attempting to create a script that will open an external file, create a record and then populate a CUSTOMER_ID field with data from a related record. 


      So far I have been able to open the file and create the new record, but when it comes to copying the unique customer ID from the record in the orther file, I am getting lost. 


      I am using two scripts so far. Here's what they look like:




      Open File ["INVOICES_PRODUCT_081611"]

      Enter Browse Mode []

      Go to Related Record [From table: "Invoices"; External; Using layout: "WORK ORDERS" (Invoices)]

      Perform Script ["Create New Invoice" from file: "INVOICES_PRODUCT_081611"]


      File #2 (INVOICES_PRODUCT_081611)


      Go to Layout ["WORK ORDERS" (Invoices)]

      New Record/Request



      Basically, the end result would create an invoice from a customers file and populate the customers information into the invoice automatically. 


      Any help with this would be much appreciated.