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Create join records from checkboxes

Question asked by RichPompetti on Apr 15, 2014
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Create join records from checkboxes


     I have task-tracking database with three tables: Tasks, People, and a join table in between called Assignments.

     I'd like to have a way to assign a task to several people from a layout for the Tasks table. I could do that with just a portal to the assignments table where I can type in names, but I'd prefer to do it without typing.

     I'd like to figure out how to have a checkbox next to the name of everyone in the People table displayed on the Tasks layout. Checking a checkbox would add a record with the TaskId and PersonID to the joined Assignments table. Unchecking the checkbox would delete that record.

     I'm new to the many-to-many relationship paradigm that requires join tables and all the tutorials I've found online show using a portal to add records to the join table. Is it possible to do this simply with checkboxes?