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    create labels



      create labels


      I apologize in advance for sounding confusing.  Running FileMaker 8.0.v2 on Mac PowerPC G5, OS 10.4.11.  We currently create client labels using four part carbon forms that contain name, address, phone, etc.  I can order labels that has the four labels that you peel off on an 8x11 paper.  You can buy the software that when you insert the information in the first label, it automatically fills in the other three labels.  However, it's only for Windows.  I'm wondering if there is a way to create a database in FileMaker Pro that will do this. 


      Also, since the form has the field names preprinted, how would I print without the field names being printed?


      Thanks for any suggestions.



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          Filemaker has built in layout options for printing labels. If your label layout matches a known Avery label number, you can create a labels and layout and specify the avery number. If you don't, you can still create your layout by specifying the dimensions of one label. Investigate those options and see if they'll work for you. Feel free to post back to here with questions if you can't get this to work for you.


          Note: for best results, make sure that you have selected the printer you plan to use to print your labels in print set up (windows) or Page setup (mac) before creating the layout.