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Create Multiple Records at a time

Question asked by ChrisWelsh_1 on Apr 28, 2015
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Create Multiple Records at a time


I am creating a database for training. In general when someone here does training they often do one of two things. One person does multiple classes in a day or one class has multiple people. I would like to make a layout that allows me to create multiple record entries at a time.

Example: With the input by user I can type in the persons name and it will auto fill all the rest of his/her data (I got this). Under that student information there is a line where the person can choose a class, day the class took place, complete/incomplete, score, renew date (calculated from the complete date and a field set with a certain number of days).

My question is this. In the example above, how would I go about making this so that I can fill in the user information, then set it up so that the person can choose up to 10 courses from 10 lines (drop down chooser, etc...) and then create up to ten records for this person in the database with one input? In essence, create ten records for ten courses taken with one input.

Or...reverse it, enroll Ten people from my employee database into a single class and make ten records for each person?

I hope this is clear....

Thanks for any help you can provide, or maybe push me to a tutorial that might touch on what I am looking to do?