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Create N similar records from check boxes?

Question asked by Popof on Jul 17, 2013
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Create N similar records from check boxes?


     Hello All, 


     First of all, Hi, my name is Romain, and I'm quite new to FMPro. (FM actually).


     I've recently developped a little database for one of my clients which works just fine. it does what I want it to do, and that's great.


     HOWEVER, I'm stuck with one simple issue, and can't seem to find any "simple" solutions out there, whereas my feeling is that there might be one. Maybe I'm not looking with the right words, English is not my mother tongue so please forgive me if this is something huge that I've missed but I really can't find anything.


     Basically I'm typing travel expenses for my client's employees (keeping it simple)

     So each month I'll be getting expense sheets (paper) from this client's employees and I'll type them into my database.

     Basically it goes like this:

     Employee Number# (I type it)

     Employee Name (autofill from another table) 

     Employee data (email, adress etc, autofill from the other table)

     Month of expense (I type it from a dropdown menu)

     Value (I type it)

     It so gives a record that looks like this:

     Employee # // Name // Employee email and data // MONTH // Value

     That works just fine. i'm happy so far.


     But I frequently have multiple consecutive expense sheets for consecutive months, for example, same employee, same number, same everything, same expense (say a Subway monthly fare, always the same) and for the months of: JAN, FEB, MAR, APR.


     Right now I'm stuck doing January and then manually duplicating and editing the month to make 4 records. (I NEED the output file to be 4 records and not 1 record with 4 columns unfortunately)


     So I was hoping to implement something like 12 optionnal check boxes for the months, and If i check say JAN, MAR and JUN, that will automatically create 3 different records such as:


     Rec 1: Employee # // Doe // John // // JAN // 20$

     Rec 2: Employee # // Doe // John // // MAR // 20$

     Rec 3: Employee # // Doe // John // // JUN // 20$


     Is that feasible easily by any chance?


     Please forgive the probably newbie-question, but I'm really not a computer guy initially so i'm trying hard here ;)


     Thanks tp all.