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create new contact record - script

Question asked by DonnaZi on Feb 1, 2011
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create new contact record - script


i'm using FM 11 and the Lending Library starter template. i'm pretty much a beginner here. thanks.

To "check-out" an asset, the user clicks on a button on the asset record page that starts a sequence of "check-out" scripts:

- go to list layout of Contacts Table showing existing contacts. user selects their name from the list and

- goes to layout in History Table that asks user to fill in due date for item and click "continue" button

- window returns to asset record page, item status is now "not available"

Primary question:

1.) how can i give the user an opportunity, during this process, to add a new contact record for themselves (if they're not already in the system)?

Secondary question:

2.) how can i make this whole sequence be carried out in a pop-up window that closes when the whole sequence is processed? user should see asset window they saw last before check-out sequence