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Create new record in table B from table A

Question asked by MIM on May 31, 2011
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Create new record in table B from table A


From table A, when I enter a unique identifier into a field,

1. I want to make a button that runs a script allowing me to create a new record in table B that copies that related identifier

2. I want that identifier association to pull over portal/related field information

I have written a script that will give me my custom dialog box, go to the correct layout in table B, and create a new record, but will not copy the identifier or upload the information it should link to.

Also, I should note the portal/related fields (I have tried it both ways) view correctly in existing data records, but don't automatically appear in new records regarless of whether they are created by the script (that isn't working anyway) or if the unique identifier is manually entered.

Please help me figure out how to get the portal/related record information to display in the new records (regardless of how they are created) and please help me to write script that can hopefully create a new record in different table and at least insert the unique identifier.