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Create new record request

Question asked by malijames on Jul 1, 2013
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Create new record request


     I have the following tables

     1.   tblSession  fields are       pk_session_id,  session_name

     2.   tblTerm  fields are      pk_Term_id,   Terms,  fk_session_id

            the tables are related by  pk_session_id   and   fk_session_id

     there is a layout based on the session table and a portal base on the term table on that the session layout

     Now i will like to script that will

      1. create a new record in the session layout

      2. Create three new  relatated records in the  portal

      2. setfield (Terms)   on the related portal to

         first record should read   "1st Term"

          second record  should read   "2nd Term"

           third record should read   "3rd Term"

     i believe the three newly created related record will have the same   fk_session_id


     i dont know much about script

     any help please