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    Create new Record through a checkbox set



      Create new Record through a checkbox set



           I am creating a billing system for an optometry practice. I would like to be able to select certain codes (diagnostic codes) from a checkbox set that is filtered through a related table based on certain categories (in the photo, the category is "Refractive - General". If I change the category, the checkbox sets will change). This seems to be a very quick and easy way to select certain billing codes.

           The problem I am having is that the checkbox set plugs each selected value into the same keyfield, which makes it tough to use the data. Is there any way to be able to select multiple checkbox sets and have some sort of script populate a different related table, creating a new record for each checkbox I select?

           Any advice would greatly be appreciated.





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               You can set up a portal where each value shown is a record in a portal. The "checkbox" is really a button that performs a script. The script checks for the related record and, if it exists, deletes the related record. If it doesn't it creates--producing your check box functionality. Conditional formatting can be used to make layout text such as a "tick mark" or the letter "x" disappear when there isn't a related record to provide the visual appearance of a check box. (Put a rectangle object in the background for the "box".)

               And in FileMaker 13, we now have a new way to hide objects that could also be used instead of conditional formatting.