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    Create new record via relationship



      Create new record via relationship


           Here's what I'm trying to do and finding myself unsuccessful:


           Table 1: Donor ID, Donor Name, Donor Address, Donor Phone
           Table 2: Donor ID, Jan Gift, Feb Gift,March Gift 
           The two are linked by Donor ID via a '=' relationship

           I get a weekly excel document that has Donor ID, Jan, Feb, March  that I import into table 2.

           Here's what I want to do: When importing, If Donor ID in the import doesn't come up in any records in Table 1, then create a new record in Table 1 with that new donor ID. 

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               There's an option for importing matching records. Select this option. Select Donor ID as your match field and then select the check box in the lower left corner of the dialog box that specifies adding a new record if the value in the match field doesn't match.

               Note: Be sure to show all records before importing as the import process matches records against your found set, not all records in the table.

               Ps. I can see that your table 2 structure is set up to mirror the format of your excel table, but on the FileMaker side of things, putting each month's donation in a separate record instead of a separate field produces a structure that is much more flexible to work with. It is possible to set up an import process that does this, but it also requires a bit more setting up, either you import once for each month's column of data or you import into an extra table and parse the data from that table into individual records via a looping script.