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Create new value and displaying it in another layout

Question asked by DennisvanBurik on Sep 21, 2011
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Create new value and displaying it in another layout



First i will subscribe my situation to clarify my question.
I have 3 tables: Customer; Customer_Company; Company.
When i'm in the Customer layout i want the opportunity to link him to a company.
But if the company where his working isn't present in the Company records, I can click on a button "New Company" that creates a new record in the company table.

That works so far, but i also want that the CompanyID automatically is filled in the portaltool.
The script i'm now using for the button is:

Go to Lay-out ["Company" (Company)]
New record/new request
Go to Lay-out ["Customer"(Customer)]
Go to field [Customer_Company::CompanyID]
Set Field [Customer_Company::CompanyID; GetNthRecord ( Customer_Company::CompanyID ; +1)]

My Question is: What do i have to change or what am i doing wrong?

Answering this question can in Dutch (Nederlands) or in Englisch.