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Create portals with categories

Question asked by camcorp_1 on Jan 25, 2011
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Create portals with categories


I'm dealing with the following situation

For Every Date and NAme I have to report some information base on a database by categories.

To report one categorie I used the solution given by Filemaker in order to found the first duplicated record of a categorie via a relantionship and then create a sum of that value, like the following example, each categorie y summarized by the field with the name check at the end.

 like the image of the table

Then I create a relation for every categorie based on the Date, name, and the check field to show via a portal the information by categories

  portals are shown in the image

To show one category in the database I have to create one relationship and 4 fields. To show the data in my report database i have to create another relationship. Considering having 3 categories the schema doesn't look pretty good because it means that I have to create 12 additionals fields and six relationships. I don't like to create to many fields and relationships, I want to simplified my solution via calculations, portal filters, but I don't see any solution.