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    Create Print Layout



      Create Print Layout


      I need to print 3 records on an 8.5 X 11 paper with 3 labels on it. (see the picture) I have my table ready but I need to do the layout and add the fields. I am new to Filemaker and this is a learning curve I was not ready for.

      Thanks for the help.


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          Exactly where do you encounter trouble when you try to set this up?

          This looks like something that is pretty straight forward to set up on a list view layout where you can then print from this layout using the "records being browsed" option.

          I can share the following hints:

          After creating the initial layout, use print set up to select your printer, page size and page orientation as you will use when printing. In layout mode, this will place vertical and horizontal lines on your layout showing you the print area for a single page of output. You'll want to size the body of your layout to be 1/3 the height of your printed page and it looks like you will need to remove any header or footer layout parts.

          You can also use Layout Setup to specify page margins and this can help you get a result that is consistent even if you later use a different printer.

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            I need to be able to to print this to a per-printed form and need to lay it out to fill in the form exactly. I did not know if you should scan a copy of the form in and try and place the fields over space on the form. 

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              Using the insert menu to insert an image file produced by scanning the form is a design trick you can use to get your fields to align to the scanned form.