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Create Purchase Order(s) from a Bill of Material

Question asked by Badam on Oct 2, 2013
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Create Purchase Order(s) from a Bill of Material


I am working in FM 12 and I have a group of items on a Bill of Material (BOM), the items usually come from different vendors so therefore from one BOM there would be multiple Purchase Orders created (one for each vendor needed). The Purchase Order is made up from 2 tables, “Purchase Order” and “Purchase Order Lines”. The BOM uses parts from a parts catalog and within that catalog each item has an assigned vendor. I am looking for a script or something that would sort through the BOM and create however many Purchase Orders are needed depending on however many vendors are required to get all of the items. I am not sure if this is a script or some type of filtering etc. or whatever is the best way to process this? I have searched the forum for this topic but either I am not using the correct search or it is not there. Thank you in advance for any help or suggestions.